​                                 Boy's State


  • The Boys State program was founded by the American Legion in 1935. Its main purpose is to promote and develop Americanism, Leadership, good citizenship, Character building and to combat Communism, Fascism, and anarchy.
  • The main theme of the program is "hands on running a government in action." We believe that this gives the students a better understanding of how the application of the Constitution relates to running the government. Some of the past attendees include: Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Tom Brokaw, Michael Jordan, Trent Lott, Neil Armstrong and Lamar Alexander.
  • Participants will stay at:

                  SUNY Morrisville State College

                  P.O. Box 901

                  Morrisville, NY 13408



         generally during the last week of June. They are assigned to dormitories, each dormitory forms a city, and the cities then form a state. Two political              parties are formed to resemble the US government in action.

  • The students are given funding to run a political campaign similar to our city government campaigns. Elections are held for each city to form a government. Candidates are encouraged to run for the offices of: Governor, Mayor, Police Chief, etc. The program is staffed by members of the American Legion who act as counselors to the students, to aid them in developing a government, passing laws, and in general running a city.
  • Developed by the American Legion, Boys State participants have influenced real government in the past. The junior driving license issued at the age of 16 was an idea passed on to the legislature in the 50s by Boys State.
  • Past Boys State participants have gone on to become lawyers, judges, law enforcement officials and president of the United States.    
  • Boys State participants who choose to attend Morrisville State College are eligible for scholarships.

Amount of Award: The Boys State Award is an all-expenses paid program.

Who Can Participate: Eleventh grade male students are nominated by Canandaigua Academy.

Qualifications: A panel of Post 256 members interviews each of the nominees and selects delegates with the following criteria in mind:

       1.  Holds an Honor Student status.

       2.  Interested in United States government.    

       3.  Demonstrates excellent moral character.    

       4.  Has shown leadership potential.

       5.  Is able to participate in a 7-day program.

American Legion

Canandaigua Post 256

454 North Main Street

Canandaigua, NY 14424